October 28, 2010


Lindsay Ellingson | VIVA @ LA AGENCIA
Photography | Rusell James

Last month Russell James, the official photographer for Victoria's Secret,  published his new book V2. 
V2 by Russell James is out with a foreword by Richard Branson and Ed Razek.

"Russell James's V2  coffee table book is fast becoming the book to gift this Christmas to anyone in the fashion industry with a passion for black and white photography." - Daniel P. Dykes | on

"I also appreciate James's respect for the models he works with. These pictures make the most of each woman's individuality. He captures each curve, each line, each freckle or dusting of fuzz with the same attention to detail. And he does so without the faintest whiff of vulgarity. These are simply beautiful women sharing their beauty, with only the warm glow of sensuality native to young, healthy adults. I had not been aware of Russell James's work before I saw this book. Now, I'll be sure to look for more." - Wiredweird | on

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