September 27, 2010


For those of you interested in Fashion Photography, we recommend that you visit Guy Bourdin's exhibition at the Sala de Exposiciones del Canal de Isabel II in Madrid from September 14 until November 14.

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Madrid hosts the first solo exhibition of Bourdin in Spain

A message for you, the exhibition showcases a total of 75 colour photographs and two videos.

The exhibition on Guy Bourdin (1928-1991), the groundbreaking fashion photographer of the last fifty years, will be on show at the Sala de Exposiciones del Canal de Isabel II in Madrid from September 14 until November 14.

After leaving behind a provocative and convincing legacy, Paris-born artist continues to be a mystery, Message for you, curated by the art historian Shelly Verthime, explores Bourdin’s work and delves into the photographer’s complex mind.

His career as fashion photographer spanned three decades incited the imagination of the whole generation of artists. At present, his work is exhibited at many prestigious museums, such as Victoria&Albert Museum, Jeu de Paume in Paris and the National Museum of China.

Characteristically, Bourdin’s photographs contained stories, compositions and fascinating colours. By using fashion photography as medium, he conveyed messages difficult to decode and explored worlds on the boundary between the sublime and the absurd.

Renowned for his evocative images and surrealist aesthetics, he broke with the conventions of commercial photography and became known for his tireless perfectionism and sharp sense of humour.

The exhibition revolves around the period of the late 1970s, considered the peak of the French photographer’s career marked by the collaboration with the model Nicolle Meyer.

The projects carried out with Mayer best show the vanguard features of his photographs and the solid influence he had on some of the most groundbreaking contemporary artists. The series of intense images represent a turning point in the history of fashion photography.

- Ars Magazine, Madrid 15.7.10

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  1. I love Guy Bourdin's work, he was a great photographer. And this picture is fantastic!