May 17, 2010

TRISTAN KNIGHTS | 56, rue Boissière - MAN ABOUT TOWN - Issue 6

Tristan Knights | MAINBOARD MGMT
Photography | Paolo Roversi

A minismalist photoshoot by Paolo Roversi, featuring Tristan Knights and Malgosia Bela in the pages of the stylish Spring/Summer 2010  Paris-themed edition of Man About Town, titled "Pardon My French".

We celebrate the relaunched Man About Town with 256 pages filled with beautiful photography in a clean, sophisticated yet modernly redesigned men's style magazine. This new issue (#6) was designed and produced by Atelier Frank Durand, a Paris based creative consultancy firm with high-end clients such as Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Céline, Hermés and Balmain among others.  

More on the original Man About Time magazine...

Video presentation of the new issue
Aaron Johnson for Man About Town Magazine from Wonderland Magazine on Vimeo.

More on the original Man About Time magazine, 1950s pioneer of men's fashion...

Man About Town magazine was launched as a quarterly in 1952 by John Taylor (a former Fleet Air Arm pilot during WW2), who, with no journalistic training, was at that time the editor of the long-established tailoring trade weekly Tailor & Cutter. John Taylor found in Savile Row (famous for its traditional men's bespoke tailoring) the inspiration for his new brainchild. Man About Town can be seen as Britain's first modern consumer style title for men. 

Man About Town was seen as funny, off-beat and original in format, with cartoons by Heath, Calman and Scarfe. It became a cult success. For Taylor, Man About Town was a platform to indulge his interests in fine wines, especially champagne, good food, women and entertaining company. And the magazine never seemed to take itself seriously. For example: "Man About Town is edited by John Taylor, but never mind"; the magazine had a subscription price of "sixteen shillings, which shows that a fool and his money are soon parted". The front cover of Autumn 1958 had no individual cover lines for features but listed the topics covered: clothes, sport, travel, drink; and a competition to win a Savile Row suit. Earlier covers had added: "women and various other bad habits". The launched magazine was very much in his own image, "a magazine that helps you to be being bad."

Available at your favorite newsstand since a few days ago the Spring/Summer 2010 issue #6 of the revamped Man About Town is out waiting for you to pick up your copy. 

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