April 1, 2010

GARANCE DORÉ | Carte Postale de Barcelone (acknowledgement letter)

Stylish, exciting and encouraging are some of the adjectives that define one of our favorite blogs. As you might have noticed, her blog is on our blogroll. So some of you might ask why we are posting this on our blog. Well, we think she performs an excellent job and brings a lot of sensitivity to the world of fashion.

Originally an Illustrator she later turned blogger. Her blog garancedoré.fr is dedicated to street style and it is considered one of the top opinion makers on the blogosphere (Her and her boyfriend Scott Shuman "The Sartorialist" might share that distinction...)  and is recognized as one of the biggest names in the field of Social Media in Fashion. According to a recent interview by Rebecca Voight for Interview Magazine, when she first started her blog with her sketches , Garance "...posted her drawings daily on her illustrator blog to no response. But when she finally added her own text, the comments miraculously started to roll in.". Today "her site, Une Fille Comme Moi [...] clocks an average of 50,000 hits per dayA recent uploaded picture of a pair of tawny Vivienne Westwood multistrap pirate boots generated more than 225 comments".(see picture (3) below)

Photo | (1) unknown (2) Refinery 29, by The Sartorialist (3) David Barton

The fact of the matter is that, as we discovered today, Garance Doré recently published a post titled "Carte Postale de Barcelone" in which she describes a recent experience while strolling around the streets of Barcelona (BTW, home of our blog). Her post already recorded 155 comments ..! In her usual adventurous and personal free-style she leaves a fresh picture of her stay while reminding us that Barcelona is in the heart of many people around the world. Merci.

From here, we are responding to her Postcard from Barcelona, offering her our piece of the puzzle.

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